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Attorney's Fees
How much will it cost?
Typically, attorney's fees in child support actions are billed on an hourly basis.  With hourly billing, charges are incurred for any time that the attorney spends in connection with your particular matter.  Usually, a portion of these fees are initially paid upon hiring the attorney in the form of an initial deposit (known as a retainer).  Additional fees are then due as the work on your case proceeds.

The more complicated or adversarial a case is, the more it can cost.  For example, where one party owns his or her own business, an accurate determination of income for purposes of child support can involve analysis of numerous factors and issues.

In order to minimize financial uncertainty and to help our clients better plan for their legal costs, we have a variety of flat fees, alternative billing methods, and payment plans for our clients to choose from.  For more information about all of our fee arrangements, including a confidential fee quote, simply answer the questions below and hit send.  We will then send you your personalized fee information within twenty-four (24) hours.
  1. How may children are subject to the existing support order?
    1 2 3 4 or more
  2. Is there an existing order of child support entered by the Court?
    Yes No
  3. Are you currently employed?
    Yes No
  4. Do you have a set salary?
    Yes No
  5. Is your income hourly or commission based, as opposed to a set salary?
    Yes No
  6. Do you have more than one source of income?
    Yes No
  7. Are you self-employed or working for a company that you own?
    Yes No
  8. If there is more than one (1) child, do all children reside a majority of the time with the same parent?
    Yes No
  9. If there is more than one (1) child, do you have the same timesharing schedule with all children?
    Yes No
  10. Does your monthly income from all sources exceed $10,000.00?
    Yes No
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